2•4•1 Vests

Stylish notch lapel vests can be worn under a jacket, or without jacket with coordinating pants!

Deco Notch Lapel Vest

Matte Polyester: Wool Look in 100% Polyester

  • DEC274VNL Vest - Notch Lapel
  • DEC274VBNL Vest -  Notch Lapel (with matching fabric back)
  • DEC274BTH Hand-Knot Bow Tie
  • DEC274PS Pocket Square

Available in most popular suit/tuxedo colors:

  • Black 401, Purple 410, White 424, Ivory 491, Steel W02, Heather W04, Tan W06, Navy W08, Burgundy W14, Granite W20, Sandstone W24, Cobalt W28, Red W40, Lt. Blue W50, Lilac W54, Lt. Pink W60

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Cambridge Notch Lapel Vest

Matte Polyester: Wool Look in 100% Polyester

  • CAM311VNL Vest - Notch Lapel
  • CAM311BTH Matching Bow Tie
  • CAM311PS Matching Pocket Square

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Starlight Lamé Notch Lapel Vest

  • SL614VNL Vest - Notch Lapel
  • SL614C Cummerbund
  • SL614BTS S-Shape Bow Tie
  • SL614WT Windsor Tie
  • SL614PS Pocket Square

Offered in new Rainbow Colors:

  • Black, Rose Gold, Dusty Rose, Royal, Purple, and Silver

See the starlight Lamé Vest

Accents Notch Lapel Vest

  • TA119VNL Vest - Notch Lapel
  • TA119BTH Hand-Knot Bow Tie
  • TA119PS Pocket Square
  • TA119C Cummerbund

See the Accents Vest

Mossy Oak ® Notch Lapel Vest


  • MOFA2VNL-002 Vest - Notch Lapel with Matching Back
  • MOFA2VNL-489 Vest - Notch Lapel with Orange Back
  • MOFA2BT Bow Tie
  • MOFA2PS Pocket Square


  • MOW11VNL-001 Vest - Notch Lapel with Matching Back
  • MOW11VNL-489 Vest - Notch Lapel with Orange Back
  • MOW11BT Bow Tie
  • MOW11PS Pocket Square

See the Mossy Oak Notch Lapel Vest

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